Classroom Layouts to Maintain Social Distancing

School districts, colleges and universities are announcing plans to resume in person education in the fall. To maintain social distancing guidelines, classroom configurations must evolve to balance educational effectiveness and student safety. 

Utilizing protective shields combined with a classroom configuration that promotes social distancing is key to ensuring student safety while still fostering a comfortable learning environment.

Middle & High School Classrooms

A traditional classroom configuration with 30 chair desks in rows

A traditional configuration does not promote social distancing or comply with the CDC guidelines to reduce possible exposure.

A traditional classroom with 12 chair desks to allow proper social distancing

A reduced classroom size with desk at a 6ft social distanced  can help reduce possible exposure and spread of COVID-19. 

Elementary School Classrooms

Flow collaborative groups with Classroom Health Shields

Using Alumni’s Flow Student Desks creates a pentagon-shaped table for 5. By placing Classroom Health Shield on each desk, students are provided double protection, a “must have” in close quarters. 

Traditional 18x24 desk groupings with Classroom Health Shields

Popular 18″ x 24″ Student Desks can be arranged in a variety of ways, including a pod of 4, with 4 feet of separation in the center. Adding Classroom Health Shields to each desk surrounds the student with protection on three sides. 

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