Supply Your Own Chemicals for Facility Maintenance Savings

When it comes time to lay out a facilities maintenance budget, a lot of us end our search for savings when we find the lowest bid for a cleaning service. This is a great place to look for cost-reductions, but many business owners don’t realize that there are opportunities to save even after the ink has dried on a service agreement.

Every cleaning company operates under different arrangements. Some supply their own cleaning chemicals, and others supply those in addition to consumables, such as towels, tissues, and trash can liners. Whatever the case, it is critical that business operators understand exactly what is being supplied by whom. In some instances, customers can save upwards of 40% on supplies by providing them themselves.

Only you know the exact needs of your business. No two are quite alike, both in terms of the nature of the facility and the way that facility is utilized. Your janitorial company might not know how many employees you have, whether or not your business is a participant in any green initiatives, or which areas of the building are potentially client facing.

This is an ever-present dilemma when janitorial services are outsourced. Nobody knows your business as well as you do, but nobody knows the janitorial/sanitation landscape like the pros. At The Supply Room, we seek to bridge the knowledge gap that so often makes processes inefficient. We conduct site surveys, covering every square foot of your facility with you and engaging in a proactive dialogue to ensure we understand your unique requirements as well as you do. With this information in mind, we then draw upon our in-depth knowledge of products to recommend the best, most cost-effective solutions that the market has to offer.

Using an independent contractor for your janitorial/sanitation needs can be a real cost saver, but supplying your own products can amplify the savings considerably. With a site survey from The Supply Room, you can supply them with confidence.

Dutch Jones

Executive Vice President of Sales

As Executive Vice President of Sales, Dutch Jones leads the sales and customer service teams to achieve the company’s revenue goals. In his role, he brings a wealth of strategic and hands-on experience in sales, marketing, customer engagement and enterprise management.

Jones holds a bachelor of science degree in marketing from Clemson University. He is also a board member of AOPD. 

Yancey Jones Jr.

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Yancey Jones Jr is responsible for all operations and support departments, as well as acquisition integration. Following his father’s legacy, Yancey has fostered business mergers and reserved the company’s original objective of exceptional customer service, people and products.

Yancey holds a bachelor of science degree in business and a master of business administration from The College of William and Mary.

Lauren Jones

President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Lauren Jones provides executive leadership and corporate direction in collaboration with the EVP of Sales and Chief Operating Officer.

Lauren has been with The Supply Room Company since 2015. Prior to joining The Supply Room Company, Lauren served in a progression of marketing and communication roles in the software and architecture fields. 

Lauren holds a bachelor of science degree in sports management from Clemson University and a master of arts in communication from University of Georgia.