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ImpactOffice is your one-stop-shop for everything to make your office go! From office supplies and tech gear to premium coffees and break room services, you can count on ImpactOffice for next day delivery, competitive contract pricing, and weekly specials. Let us show you how to keep your costs low and your team productive.

ImpactOffice is part of the family of The Supply Room Companies. So what does that mean to our customers?

  • Access to over 6,000 in-stock items from office supplies, break-room, janitorial, seating, copiers & printers, and other technology products.
  • All of the above are housed in over 670,000 square feet of warehouse and office space located in Ashland VA (500,000 sf), Elkridge, MD (100,000 sf), Beltsville, MD (60,000 sf), and Hagerstown, MD (10,000 sf). This is the most warehouse space of any company in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Our customers are served by over 440 local employees, the majority of which have over a decade of experience in our industries.
  • Deliveries are made by our 89 vehicles making this the largest fleet in the area.
  • Access to an in-house apparel division that can print or embroider almost any wearable item.
  • Access to our exclusive, custom-designed Greater Atlantic Seating line.
  • 9 full-time technicians, the most in the area, servicing over 6,600 brewers and water coolers.
  • Access to custom billing options for qualifying companies.


Compare all the above to your current supplier and then give us a call. You will be more than pleased with our prices and services.

View on Diversity

Our goals are simple and straight forward.

Our means are ongoing awareness, affirmative action, and inclusion.

The core values of our organization preclude discrimination and intolerance of any nature. We firmly believe that our business thrives as a direct result of incorporating a breadth of culture, education, and life experience in our workforce, at all levels.

Our management team pledges an ongoing effort to afford equal opportunity in our recruitment practices and internal advancement processes. We shall continue to base our decisions on talent, skill, education, and/or commensurate work-life experience. We’ll strive to put in place measurable benchmarks to ensure our ability to maintain a standard of performance acceptable to both our employees and the community at large.

Further, we’ll provide an atmosphere of collaboration, fairness, and cooperation in strengthening our overall workforce so that it can face the formidable challenges of the future. We welcome the input of customers and employees in helping us navigate these waters successfully.

Community Involvement

Impact Office Products is privileged to do business across the length and breadth of this great country. Our headquarters facilities are located in Suburban Maryland, just outside of our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. The many neighborhoods throughout that region are where so many of our customers work, attend school, and raise their families. Those same people comprise a large segment of our customer base. They have supported our growth for many years. Many of our own employees live and work in these neighborhoods. Our people are wonderful citizens.

Similarly, our obligation as a business is to be a good neighbor in the localities where we do business. Our organization takes that obligation seriously. We focus our efforts on the kids in our local schools. A few years ago, observing the great budgetary strain on the Baltimore School System and its great teachers to provide basic supplies for their young students, Impact, in concert with school officials, organized a new, prototype program called IMPACT CITY SCHOOLS.
Impact City Schools

Through this endeavor, Impact has been providing teachers with some of the resources they need to make their classrooms more effective. Impact customers can register to have a portion of the proceeds from their purchases go toward supporting the Impact City Schools program. In addition, Impact’s vendors have been most generous in donating many products to our program over the years. Our hope is to be able to expand this program into many regions where we do business.

Continuing our support of local schools, Impact is an active participant in the Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School’s Corporate Work-Study Program. Students who enroll in this school become employees of the Work-Study Program. They then work in entry-level positions, mostly clerical in nature, at a sponsor company’s facility. Each student works five days each month throughout a school year. Sponsor companies are very diverse, ranging from financial institutions to hospitals, law firms, colleges, and, as in our case, distribution companies.

The students are expected to meet or exceed the level of professionalism and dedication demanded of their adult colleagues at the workplace. Students receive concentrated training each summer in computer skills, office machines, business etiquette, communication, team building, and business ethics, readying them for the workplace. Academic schedules are not interfered with, as the school days are extended for the purpose of incorporating students’ work schedules

For more information on either Impact City Schools or Cristo Rey Schools Work-Study Programs, contact your Impact Sales Representative, please contact us.

Return Policy

To serve you better, we are pleased to extend liberal return privileges to you, our valued customers. The processes and conditions are as follows:

  • With the exceptions listed below, we will gladly accept returns for up to 25 calendar days after the original ship date.
  • Shortages must be reported within 24 hours of delivery.
  • To return a product, simply contact customer service. Our service representative will immediately authorize the return and arrange for the goods to be picked up promptly.
  • Returns may also be entered online: Log on to the website, click on “Order History,” then click on “To request a return please click here. Fill out the form and click on submit.
  • Pharmaceuticals, of any type or description, are not returnable.
  • For safety and health reasons, we cannot accept returns of edible food products, dry or liquid, regardless of type or description. The same applies to any health and medical supplies.
  • In order to receive credit, merchandise must be in original packaging. Packaging cannot be torn, written on, cut open, or in any way altered. In other words, the product and the packaging it comes in must be in new condition.
  • Damaged merchandise MUST be reported to us upon receipt. We will immediately issue a return authorization and a replacement order.
  • Defective merchandise, i.e. an inoperative calculator, may be returned as soon as the defect is discovered, but within 15 calendar days of original shipment. Beyond 15 days, you will have the benefit of utilizing the manufacturer’s warranty. When necessary, we can assist you in obtaining warranty service procedures.
  • Custom ordered merchandise cannot be returned. This refers to any product made to your specification and not standard on the shelves of a manufacturer.
  • Specially ordered merchandise, meaning standard stock items from a particular manufacturer, is generally not returnable. In rare situations, (check with customer service) certain manufacturers may agree to take goods back. However, in such instances, you will be responsible for the cost of freight back to the supplier and any restocking charges they impose to put the item back on their shelf.
  • Furniture items that are assembled, installed, or out of their original carton are not returnable.
  • Furniture items from our inventory, delivered to you flat, in a carton, may be returned within 15 calendar days of receipt. Goods must be in their original, unopened carton. Merchandise and packaging must be in new condition.
  • Specially ordered or custom ordered furniture is not returnable.

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